Join our fully-funded health and social care training programme and become someone’s right-hand man

You could get a guaranteed interview in as little as 4 weeks

More men are needed in health and social care roles across your area right now... Could you step up to the challenge?

There is a huge demand for people just like you, and hundreds of health and social care positions waiting to be filled. From working with someone who is learning disabled, to providing admin support in an office, right through to mental health support - a career in health and social care is rewarding, meaningful and fulfilling.

It offers long-term employment prospects, job security and opportunities for progression – including the potential to go on and complete an NHS-accredited degree. Register your interest today, and we’ll aim to get you a guaranteed interview with a health and social care provider 4 weeks after starting the course.

Think health and social care isn’t for you? Think again.

Here are just some of the career paths that completing our programme could lead to.

What could your future in health and social care look like?

Men care

Hear from the men that stepped up and made a real difference as health and social care professionals in Mid Essex.

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A man of action? Let's get started...

Register your interest in our fully-funded programme, and start your path towards becoming a trained health and social care professional.

  • 4-6 weeks of intensive training
  • Be work-ready upon completion
  • We’ll aim to guarantee you an interview with a health and social care provider 4-6 weeks after starting the course
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