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Take on additional work in healthcare as a sponsored worker

Advice to help you start a second job as a sponsored worker

Although we provide training to help those without a job start a rewarding career in healthcare, our resources can also help you find a second position as an experienced sponsored worker. Read the latest advice, connect with local employers, and take your next step in care with total confidence.

How many hours can I work on top of my main sponsored role?

If you moved to the UK to work as a medical professional, you have a Health and Care Worker visa. This protects your rights as an employee, and allows you to work a further 20 hours per week in a second job, alongside your main sponsored role.

While you can work overtime or pick up bank shifts in your primary role without making any adjustments, if you have plans to work more than 20 hours per week with your second employer, you have to update your visa.

Are there limits on the additional work I can take?

As a sponsored worker, you can only pick up a second job as long as it is in the same occupation code and level as your current role. You must also still be working in the position you were sponsored to do at the same time.

This means a Registered Community Nurse could take a second position as a District Nurse or Health visitor, for example.

Where can I find a second job as a sponsored worker?

Taking on additional work can be a great way to increase your earnings and experience, but it isn’t always easy to know where to look. To help, we’ve compiled a list of Mid Essex health and social care employers that work with people who hold a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS).

Sharing the care

Home Care Jobs Basildon & CastlePoint
[email protected]
01268 923131

You and i care

Home Care Jobs Brentwood & Chelmsford
[email protected]
0808 178 098

Anglia care

Home Care in Essex
[email protected]
01473 719185

Ashley care

Home Care in Southend
[email protected]
01702 343789

Bluebird care

Home Care in Thurrock & CastlePoint
[email protected]
01375 800111

If you hold a Certificate of Sponsorship, you can also apply to certain roles with divisions of the NHS, as noted within a job’s specification.

Nhs essex partnership university

Providing community health, mental health and learning disability services.
Please Contact Sarah or Greg for further information or in regards to a TRAC application.


Provides mental and community health services.
Please Contact Sarah or Greg for further information or in regards to a TRAC application

What happens if my Certificate of Sponsorship is cancelled?

If your Certificate of Sponsorship is withdrawn for any reason, you have 60 days from the date of cancellation to find a new sponsor and make another application to stay in the UK.

To help you work through this situation, Justice & Care’s latest guide contains a handful of useful resources that may be able to assist.

Useful links

If you are having issues with your visa, Certificate of Sponsorship or something similar, these links can help.